Our quarterly is digital!!




Dues remain at $20 per year with digital copy of The Genealogist Quarterly

and $30 for mailed black and white stapled copy.



We hope you will join us!

Membership Dues

 Two membership options are coming.

                                                           How to Join

 1. MEMBERSHIP FORM. $20.00/yr. for digital version of the quarterly OR

                                                $30.00 for mailed copy of the quarterly.

2. If renewing, make sure updates in email, phone number, etc...have been made.

 2. Print, complete, and mail form with payment to:                              


     POB 409

     Bardstown, Ky 40004

(make checks to: NCGR)

                      Membership Benefits and Fiscal Year 

 *  Four  issues of THE NELSON COUNTY GENEALOGIST, a quarterly NCGR publication.

 * 2 Queries (see membership form)

 * Educational Programs throughout the year at the Nelson County Public Library, video of some programs on our Facebook page and Website . Handouts for some programs will be made available on the website.