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                Our quarterly is digital!!

Dues remain at $20 per year only with digital copy of The Nelson County Genealogist.

Currently, membership is $30 for mailed black and white stapled copy only. Dues for mailed hard copies may increase in 2023 or the option for mailed hard copies may not be available in 2023.

We hope you will join us!

Membership with Nelson County Genealogical Roundtable is $25 / year and includes a digital quarterly publication.

Other benefits include free programs and workshops throughout the year and the opportunity to have your written contributions added to our quarterly, but the greatest benefit is the joy of sharing the love of genealogy and family history with others by supporting the Genealogy Room of The Nelson County Public Library.

Membership for print copies is currently $30/yr. but that is subject to change in 2023. The cost of printing and postage is always changing so in 2023, print copies may no longer be available. If they are, the price will most likely change.

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